Some people are from messy backgrounds, some where fortunate enough to get what they deserve, some took decisions that will cost them life time and some took decision that will benefit them life time. Maybe some had to go through difficulties to learn, however we all have thepower to change things for the better and change where we are going.  

Future is always brighter than the past …hence we must never give up. Future gives the hope that a lot of things we want we can work for; a lot of things we want to do we can do as they always say the sky is the limit.  We must keep on dreaming, you can dream again, the dream that faded away can still come true.

“Dreams –don’t let them fade away into the invisible. Hold on to them for that’s the one thing that will keep you fighting for life.  They do come true for those who believe. Pursue them with all the passion: after the tears and the desperations you will see the silver lining. Touch it and make them yours”. Anonymous


I have seen people going to places, doing things and the following day they regret, for a very long time I used to ask my why is this people drinking alcohol like they drinking water, why they get so drunk that they don’t even care about their family, why guys are changing and hurting girls as if they do not have a hear. I have seen people killing innocent souls, I have seen people treating others like slaves, I have seen people who are power hanger, I have seen people clubbing everyday, I have seen people always surrounded by bunch of people and  I asked myself what went wrong? And I have discovered that all this is a cause of the lack of inner peace, a lot of people have not found inner peace. Inner means internal, no one can see it but only the person with the challenge feels thepain and the only thing that other people sees are the actions.  And this shows the importance of finding inner peace, it will set us free and we will live life with no regrets.    

I have been so occupied to an extent that I’ve lost track, the last I remember trying something new was the beginning of 2012. I registered for B-Tech in Public Relations, it has been tough, I feel like I don’t have a life, I don’t even remember the things I used to do and enjoy anymore but one thing I know is that I want my life back.  This was one of those things I never wanted to do because I kinder knew that it is going to be tough but someone motivated me rather didn’t give me a choice but told me that I must and I will do it. When things got tough I went back to this person and I said, you said I must do this, I can’t take anymore, it is exactly what I expected and I am going to de-register this but something came to my mind and because I am this person who hates failure I told myself that I am in this already and God will give me strength and I will pass. After all I needed to someone to push me to make this decision; I don’t regret doing my B-Tech no matter what.  

Sad but true, it feels good to be twenty one, at twenty one you feel young and you approaching adulthood, most things seems bright and future seems to be in your hands but unfortunately no one stays twenty-one forever, four years later you feel, twenty-one feels like forty years ago…there is just something not nice about growing old, it feels even worst if you have not achieve your most important goals but what’s important is to enjoy life while we are still young. We need to respect life so it can respect us, respect others so that the may respect us, live health life style, exercise, read and be kind. As we grow we need to act like people and take life seriously and be responsible for our actions because we do not stay young forever in fact we are growing.

Clichés are unoriginal ideas, copied ideas, imitative ideas or uninspired ideas. There are some good cliché ideas that have been around for a while. The positive ones have kept some people going and the negative ones have mislead a lot people. Some Clichés have been repeated from generation to generation so as to become trite or hackneyed. A lot of people have tried out some clichés and because life is full of surprises a lot of people believe in clichés so much and they are convinced. The most popular clichés that people normally try out:  “Be grateful for what you have, if you want to know who you really are write down 10 to 20 things you’re glad about every night before you go to sleep for one week. Do the right things before you sleep and you will live long, consider what you usually think about as you fall asleep. If you purposefully inject the positive into your brain the negative worries and concerns get bumped out”.


Our strengths are our greatest weaknesses, things get complex. We grow up uncertain; we change how we do things so that our future could be what we want it to be.  Basically we do what we have to do so that we can do what we want to do. It is mostly said that our steps today leads or determines our destiny.

This suggests that people should do things very carefully. Time progresses and with a lot of practice, eventually things happen. A lot of people have leant from their weakness and you would find out that whatever you are good at today was once your weakness, because as a human being with conscious mind you work strong and to change shortfalls into your strengths. Some people grow out of their weaknesses hence they have made it in life.

The last lecture was great and it didn’t feel last because I still had a lot of work to do. I was glad because to me it meant I will have more time to do my media studies work and I planned my time and dedicated the two hours I used to spend in class to l spend in front of my computer doing my work.  This year ended very fast and it made me to realize that one should not think too much when want to do something good, a lot of people don’t go to university and study because they say it feels like they will never finish and I have discovered that they waste all these years doing the same thing and they could have finish their degrees without even thinking. Yes I know in the beginning it always looks dark but a year flies and when  it is gone, it is gone forever.